I built a system for a company that places registered dietitians in over 200 nursing and retirement homes in California. The database tracks all client and dietitian info, keeps up with dietitian assignments, payroll timecards, dietitian reports of facility performance, etc.
I recently built a customer tracking system for a bookkeeping service. The business does accounting for over 100 clients.  My system keeps up with the client info, the tasks to be done for each client each month, which tasks are overdue, how much time is spent on each task by each employee, etc.
My software was used by the American Institute of Architects in Washington DC in 2012 as part of their annual convention.
My software is used by major banks on both the east and west coasts to track deposits and handle federal reporting requirements.
I have created software for many clients to connect their database sytem with Quickbooks accounting software to reduce data entry and improve accuracy.
I recently developed a mobile web site for the client's customers to order products on their mobile phone while working in the field.
One of the largest counties in the US depends on my software for their department of Safety and Environmental Compliance, tracking and reporting accident statistics, refrigerant usage, OSHA compliance, etc.
I provide software for a major non-profit organization to improve service and reporting on services delivered to the blind and visually impaired.