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George Harrison

Phone: 408-202-3474    Email:

Let me introduce myself.

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Simply put, I make your computers and website do what your business needs them to do.

Many programmers are good technically, but find it difficult to understand business needs and communicate with a business person. In addition to being a great programmer, I am an excellent communicator.  I have been dealing with executives, office managers and clerical personnel in dozens of industries for many years. 

Based in Sunnyvale, CA, I work with clients all over the US a​nd have more than 40 recent happy clients and hundreds over the years.

Extensive experience in many industries p​lus an MBA degree in management means I can help you make better use of your computer systems to improve profitability and management information.

My software is easy to use but supports very complex database, website design and business rules, so you get all the features you need.  We work together to create a website design and database system tailored to your requirements.


I view the computer as a business tool, not as a programmer's toy and my customers love my responsive, ongoing support.​

We can put your business on the right track!  Small adjustments, major overhauls, whatever it takes to produce effective management and smooth operation!

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